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European Radio Amateurs' Organization Newsletter

The world spins so fast, and internet stores so much information, that sometimes can be quite difficult to find some time to read, in short, news or information about a particular organization or period.

For this reason, EURAO decided to collect, on a quarterly basis, the main headlines generated by itself and its members in a single 'sheet' (2 pages).

Enjoy it and feel free to spread the word, either in pdf format or better as a clickable weblink.

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This is the EURAO Newsletter collection so far:

EURAO in the world...
EURAO WW map Members: associa­tions (red), clubs&groups (pink) and indi­vi­duals (cyan). Click to enlarge.
El Quim de la Boqueria
EURAO Newsletter: issue dates
  • 15 February
  • 15 June
  • 15 September
  • 1 December
EURAO in Europe...
Member associa­tions (red), clubs & groups (pink), indi­vi­duals (cyan) and fans (blue). A great family!
EURAO member associations
  • URC: Union des Radio-Clubs et des Radioamateurs (France)
  • CISAR: Centro Italiano di Sperimentazione ed Attività Radiantistiche (Italy)
  • FEDI-EA: Federación Digital EA (Spain)
  • VRA: Vlaamse RadioAmateurs (Belgium)
  • UFRC: Union Francophone des Radio Clubs (Belgium)
  • HAG: Ham Association of Greece
  • FEDERACHI: Federación Clubes de Radioaficionados de Chile
  • FRC: Federació Radioaficionats de Catalunya (Spain)
  • ARR: Asociatia Radioclubul României (Romania)
  • RCL: Radioamador Clube de Loulé (Portugal)
  • RNRE: Raggruppamento Nazionale Radiocomunicazioni di Emergenza (Italy)
  • UNGO UARL: UNGO Ukrainian Amateur Radio League (Ukraine)
  • CSCG: Clubul Sportiv Café Gratis (Romania)