EURAO Individual Membership: What else?

Becoming individual member of EURAO costs only 10 EUR/year and in return you will get:

  • a Welcome Pack with:
    • a Welcome letter signed by the President and/or Secretary-General
    • your European Radio Amateur Card, plastified with your picture and data
    • a Presentation leaflet
  • a quarterly Newsletter sent home
  • with also your received QSLs (if any, up to 20 gr)
  • the right to full use International QSL Service extra options at special prices
  • access to the EURAO Member Benefits Program
  • info about EURAO TV Channel programming
  • opportunity to participate in the fate of the Organization and European amateur radio
  • ...

And the honor of being part of the first radio amateurs' federation across Europe borders.

Payment can be done to PayPal account: or by credit card. Enroll here.


EURAO Association Membership: the pride of making the future

Associations are the cornerstones of EURAO. They have the responsability but also the great privilege of being pioneers in this collaborative project, building up this Organization.

From small radio clubs to large national associations, everyone can belong to this fantastic community, of about 8.000 radio amateurs, designing and participating in new projects.

For an annual fee of 100 EUR, member associations will get access to common benefits and shared services for all their members, such as: EuroBureauQSL, TV Channel, etc.

Ready to join?

EURAO Promoters Committee and its Joining Agreement

Created in 2009, Promoters Committee has the mission of managing and guiding the organization to its full constitution and includes all associations interested in this project.

Promoters Committee operates as an assembly: one member, one vote; decissions are taken democratically by half plus one of members; all members have the right to speak; only members abreast of their fee have voting right; etc.

To be part of Promoters Committee signing the Joining Agreement PDF is a must, which content is as follows:

Constitution of the European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO)

I, the undersigned, fully capable of proceeding and duly authorized by my respective association, agree with the constitution of the "European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO)" and apply to join the Promoters Committee, who will study and generate the necessary by-laws to legalize this organization, involving the widest number of interested associations.

At __________________, on the ___th of ___________, ____


Name and surname: __________________________________________
Callsign: _______________
Charge: ____________________________
Association: _________________________________________________
Country: ___________________________

Amateur Radio News... (cont.)

EURAO in the Transparency Register of European Union new

Europe flag Lobbying is "a necessary and legitimate task of interaction with public institutions, healthy for the quality of democracy, for their capacity to deliver adequate policies, matching needs and reality" according to the Transparency Register of European Union whose Code of Conduct EURAO agrees and defends. See more details.

EURAO Newsletter: issue dates
  • February
  • June
  • September
  • December
EURAO Newsletter
EURAO Newsletter, quarterly and in two formats: pdf and web.
International QSL Service: prices
  • Sending:
    • 0,50 €/QSL (*)
  • Receiving (**):
    • 1,50 € ($2) 20 gr.
    • 2,00 € ($2.75) 50 gr.
    • 3,00 € ($4) 100 gr.
(*) 50% off with label+web,
free exchange between members.
(**) extra shipping or overweight.
EuroBureauQSL: statistics
  • QSLs: 16204
  • Shipping: 4214
  • Callsigns: 5805
  • Users: 1310
    • EURAO: 1095
    • IARU: 571
    • Direct: 1228
    • eQSL: 810
    • LoTW: 343
    • GlobalQSL: 133
  • Countries: 62
  • Continents: 6
  • Languages: 13
Image archive
EURAO booth
EURAO booth few minutes before opening HAM RADIO 2012.
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